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From birthparent stories to news about upcoming programming and events, our blog will keep you informed about everything happening at On Your Feet Foundation.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this week we talk about the importance of mental health support and services for birthparents. When all you have left of your child is grief, letting go of that grief can feel unimaginable.

Introducing Jennifer and Julia, two of our newest interns for the Spring Semester.

Author and Birthmother Candace Cahill, whose book, Goodbye Again: A Memoir, is coming out in November 2022, discusses why Mother's Day and Birthmother's Day can be so fraught, for so many people, and offers some sage advice on how to cope.

April’s BirthmomsConnect calls theme celebrates National Poetry Month. Why poetry? Among other reasons, reading and writing poetry can be a form of self-care, stress relief, and encourages self-reflection.

On Your Feet Foundation is hosting an art-making event and fundraiser in Indianapolis on May 7th - Birthmother's Day - giving the entire adoption constellation an opportunity to make art together. Art-making activities will be led by board-certified art therapist, Kristi Gmutza, and this week we sat down with Kristi to get the scoop on what art therapy is, who can benefit from it, and how it can help people heal.

Activism in Adoption, On Your Feet Foundation's Educational Speaker Series, is putting out a call for speakers for 2022. We are looking for speakers who can connect their lived experiences to greater themes within adoption in ways that can provide our audience a new way of understanding the current adoption landscape and their role in it. Is this you? We'd love to hear from you.

As part of our ongoing Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss how recent comments left on our social media posts are problematic, and highlight the need for potential adoptive parents to understand that it is their responsibility to support ethical practices in adoption.

As part of our Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss the practice of moving expectant mothers as an adoption practice, separating them from the support of their family and friends.

In 2022, On Your Feet Foundation has earned a Platinum Transparency rating from Guidestar, putting us in the top 0.1% of the 2.5+ million non-profits currently operating in the United States, and demonstrating our commitment to honesty, ethics, and transparency in all that we do.

Over the next few months we will be taking a deeper look at issues and research within the adoption constellation. Today's topic? Genetic mirrors: what they are and why they matter.

2022 Marks the launch of the Birthparent Support Alliance, and today we talk with Paige Knipfer, owner of Love Grown Adoption Consulting, to learn more about her work and to discuss her decision to join this new program offered to adoption professionals.

Five questions with our new Board Chair, Monica Tsikretsis.

Executive Director Alexis Eyler, and Board Chair Jennifer Tully Diehl, reflect on our accomplishments this year, as we wrap up our twentieth anniversary celebration and look ahead to our next decade of service to birthparents.

On Your Feet Foundation's Executive Director, Alexis Eyler, talks about our accomplishments both in the past year and in the past twenty years, gives thanks to our entire adoption constellation community for showing up, seeing us, and supporting us, and touches on what we need to do, going forward, to ensure that birthparents get the care and attention they deserve.

On Your Feet's case manager Jessica Figlio, a registered yoga teacher, walks us through a meditation designed to remind us all to practice compassion for ourselves this holiday season.

Holiday plans and a holiday gift guide.

This week, we talk about Giving Tuesday, radical generosity, and how vital Giving Tuesday support is for On Your Feet Foundation.

How do you know if seeing a therapist is a good idea, and what should you expect if you do?

Telling the origin story of National Adoption Awareness Month, and how adoptees used #flipthescript to open the adoption narrative up to include their voices, and those of birthparents.

Top 10 list to help us celebrate 20 years! Join us in celebrating On Your Feet Foundation and our twentieth anniversary of providing post-placement birthparent support and community. There are so many ways for adoption triad members, adoption professionals, and friends to get involved, and our top 10 list has something for everyone, both in-person and virtually.

We have the opportunity to sit down with our 2021 Create! Birthparents Arts Grant recipient Candace Cahill, to hear her story, and get a little advice about learning how to tell our own stories.

It's easy to tell people to just find an adoption-competent therapist. But what if there isn't one available for you? Today, we unpack strategies for how to better help your therapist help you.

We have the opportunity to sit down with our 2021 Create! Birthparents Arts Grant winner, Carissa Losey, to talk books, and writing, and get some advice about how to tell your own story.

International Day of Peace, recognized on September 21 every year, is the perfect opportunity to promote peace in the world around us.

This month's BirthmomsConnect theme is focused on personal mission statements. Today, we unpack seven reasons why writing one is such a powerful tool for healing and growth.

Life has been hard lately on us all, but September is National Self-Care Awareness Month. It’s a month dedicated to checking in with yourself, being kind to your inner monologue and truly making sure you get what you need to fill up your cup.

Our adoption podcast list is now rounded out to an even baker's dozen, representing birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents. But this is by no means a comprehensive list, and if you have an adoption-related podcast to recommend, please tell us!

Friday, July 30 is considered International Day of Friendship. Celebrate with these ways you can show the people you love the most just how much they mean to you.

Life happens, and focusing on all aspects of your health is easier said than done. Take small steps in each area to start building solid habits!

On Your Feet Foundation's Case Manager, Julia Stolle, MSW, LSW, walks us through the importance of understanding and cultivating Emotional Intelligence.

Links and resources for understanding Juneteenth.

Unpacking the intersection of adoption and race with adult adoptee and upcoming Activism in Adoption speaker Cordan James.

This month, we are shining a light on fathers and the roles they play, by focusing on amplifying their voices and experiences.

Julia Stolle, an adoptee, adoptive parent, and On Your Feet Foundation Case Manager, gives us a glimpse of what it was like meeting her birth father for the first time, and talks about birth father grief and loss.

Talking about all things fatherhood with upcoming Activism in Adoption speaker and social entrepreneur Cordan James.

A quick recap of Hope O Baker and Nam Holtz's talk as part of our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series.

Honoring birthmothers on Birthmother's Day.

A frank and nuanced talk with Activism in Adoption Speaker Hope Baker, about birthmother misconceptions, what potential adoptive parents need to know on their adoption path, and how to change the way we think about the post-placement birthmother experience.

Did you see us on Teen Mom OG this week? If you found us through that show, please read this.

As part of our Birthmother's Day 2021 Event, From the Heart: Honoring Birthmothers, we are putting out a call for submissions to our birthmother community. We'd love to feature your writing in this project, and give you a chance to connect with other birthmothers through your words.

Part 2 of our Q & A with April's Activism in Adoption speaker, Nam Holtz, LMSW. Today, we get some excellent advice for parents who have adopted internationally and/or transracially. Tickets are still available for her talk on April 18th.

Today we discuss the importance of connecting birthparents with adoption-competent therapists.

We sit down with Nam Holtz, LMSW, documentary filmmaker, and Korean adult adoptee, to talk about the making of her film, Found in Korea.

A quick recap of Billy Kaplan's talk as part of our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series.

Part 2 of Activism in Adoption speaker Billy Kaplan's interview, where we talk about anxiety and pandemic parenting strategy. Tickets are now available for his March 21st talk.

Billy Kaplan our March 21st Activism in Adoption speaker, sits down with us to talk about childhood trauma, therapeutic parenting, and parenting during a global pandemic.

With the help of Brandon Argianas, and Advisory and Technology Implementation Firm Spaulding Ridge, we now have a new database system in place to help us better serve our clients.

Recapping Isaac Etter's Activism in Adoption talk, along with providing links to the many resources he referenced.

Our 2021 Local Love Gift Card Auction was a huge success, thanks to the support of our wonderful community.

Welcoming the two newest members of our Case Management Team.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: