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International Day of Peace, recognized on September 21 every year, is the perfect opportunity to promote peace in the world around us.

This month's BirthmomsConnect theme is focused on personal mission statements. Today, we unpack seven reasons why writing one is such a powerful tool for healing and growth.

Life has been hard lately on us all, but September is National Self-Care Awareness Month. It’s a month dedicated to checking in with yourself, being kind to your inner monologue and truly making sure you get what you need to fill up your cup.

Our adoption podcast list is now rounded out to an even baker's dozen, representing birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents. But this is by no means a comprehensive list, and if you have an adoption-related podcast to recommend, please tell us!

Friday, July 30 is considered International Day of Friendship. Celebrate with these ways you can show the people you love the most just how much they mean to you.

Life happens, and focusing on all aspects of your health is easier said than done. Take small steps in each area to start building solid habits!

On Your Feet Foundation's Case Manager, Julia Stolle, MSW, LSW, walks us through the importance of understanding and cultivating Emotional Intelligence.

Links and resources for understanding Juneteenth.

Unpacking the intersection of adoption and race with adult adoptee and upcoming Activism in Adoption speaker Cordan James.

This month, we are shining a light on fathers and the roles they play, by focusing on amplifying their voices and experiences.

Julia Stolle, an adoptee, adoptive parent, and On Your Feet Foundation Case Manager, gives us a glimpse of what it was like meeting her birth father for the first time, and talks about birth father grief and loss.

Talking about all things fatherhood with upcoming Activism in Adoption speaker and social entrepreneur Cordan James.

A quick recap of Hope O Baker and Nam Holtz's talk as part of our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series.

Honoring birthmothers on Birthmother's Day.

A frank and nuanced talk with Activism in Adoption Speaker Hope Baker, about birthmother misconceptions, what potential adoptive parents need to know on their adoption path, and how to change the way we think about the post-placement birthmother experience.

Did you see us on Teen Mom OG this week? If you found us through that show, please read this.

As part of our Birthmother's Day 2021 Event, From the Heart: Honoring Birthmothers, we are putting out a call for submissions to our birthmother community. We'd love to feature your writing in this project, and give you a chance to connect with other birthmothers through your words.

Part 2 of our Q & A with April's Activism in Adoption speaker, Nam Holtz, LMSW. Today, we get some excellent advice for parents who have adopted internationally and/or transracially. Tickets are still available for her talk on April 18th.

Today we discuss the importance of connecting birthparents with adoption-competent therapists.

We sit down with Nam Holtz, LMSW, documentary filmmaker, and Korean adult adoptee, to talk about the making of her film, Found in Korea.

A quick recap of Billy Kaplan's talk as part of our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series.

Part 2 of Activism in Adoption speaker Billy Kaplan's interview, where we talk about anxiety and pandemic parenting strategy. Tickets are now available for his March 21st talk.

Billy Kaplan our March 21st Activism in Adoption speaker, sits down with us to talk about childhood trauma, therapeutic parenting, and parenting during a global pandemic.

With the help of Brandon Argianas, and Advisory and Technology Implementation Firm Spaulding Ridge, we now have a new database system in place to help us better serve our clients.

Recapping Isaac Etter's Activism in Adoption talk, along with providing links to the many resources he referenced.

Our 2021 Local Love Gift Card Auction was a huge success, thanks to the support of our wonderful community.

Welcoming the two newest members of our Case Management Team.

The Auction site for our 2021 Local Love Gift Card Fundraiser is now open. While bidding won't start until February 14th, bidders can start checking out the auction items now, so that they can plan their bidding strategy!

Part Two of our interview with Activism in Adoption speaker Isaac Etter.

Isaac Etter, our February 21st Activism in Adoption speaker, sits down with us to talk about meaningful ways white adoptive parents can better support and nurture their non-white kids.

A quick recap of Hope O Baker's talk at our first Activism in Adoption Speaker Series Session on January 17th, 2021.

We all want to support our local businesses and favorite non-profits, and it's been tough to do that during the past 11 months. But we have a fun collaborative way that you can do both, and maybe score yourself a deal in the process! Please join us for this year's Local Love fundraiser! Donate gift cards to the local businesses that kept your pantry stocked or your spirits up in 2020, and let someone lift their own spirits by bidding on them. Come join us, and have a little fun, support your community, and help us in our mission to provide support and services to birthparents.

On Your Feet Foundation has a lot happening in the first quarter of 2021, and we can't wait for the New Year to get started! Vision Board events, birthmother retreats, our BirthmomsConnect calls, our new Activism in Adoption speaker series: it's all here in one easy-to-access place so that you don't miss any of it.

Announcing our 2021 Activism in Adoption Speaker Series! Please join us in 2021 as we unpack race, relationships, and resilience in our year-long series, one of the first of it's kind to bring together all sides of the adoption triad so that we may learn from each other and become better advocates in adoption.

On Your Feet Foundation's Executive Director, Alexis Eyler, takes a look back at everything we accomplished in the past year, and how we chose to thrive despite the challenges we faced in 2020.

On Your Feet Foundation honors the choice birth parents have made to place their children for adoption, helps birth parents become self-sufficient, and provides support and community after placement. Your help on #GivingTuesday helps us fulfill that mission every day.

On Your Feet Foundation's Executive Director Alexis Eyler talks about gratitude and giving thanks to our organization's friends, who pulled together in 2020 to help us in our mission to serve birthparents.

Author, advice columnist, TedTalk speaker and birthmother Liz Pryor sits down with us to discuss her memoir, Look at You Now: How Keeping a Teenage Secret Changed My Life Forever.

We are partnered with Amazon Smile! Visit Amazon Smile and designate us as your non-profit, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to us, helping us support birth parents in need.

Final speaker Liz Pryor talks about overcoming shame and judgment at our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series.

Birthmom and Author Hope Baker sits down with us to talk about her book and her journey in life, while offering sage advice on resilience, self-advocacy, and finding your light.

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum speaks at On Your Feet Foundation's Activism in Adoption Speaker Series, examining the intersection of adoption and race.

Evanston photographer Raul Dario Amezquita is partnering with us to help you get the perfect holiday card.

Naperville photographer Jennifer Pedley is partnering with us to help make your holiday cards spectacular.

An interview with Activism in Adoption panelist Kevin Hofmann, whose book, "Growing Up Black in White," chronicles his childhood as a transracial adoptee, and offers a roadmap to white parents raising Black children.

At the Second of Four Sessions in our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series, Cathy Crossno shared her experiences as a birthmother, from pre-placement to today.

We have re-launched On Your Feet Birthfathers, a private Facebook group for birthfathers who want to connect up with their peers in a safe, supportive environment.

We have partnered with this holiday season. Use code FUNDRAISEONYOURFEET to get 20% off your order and Minted will donate 15% of your order to us!

At the first session of our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series, Pamela Cook shared her origin story with us, and helped us understand how important resiliency is for every member of the adoption triad.

Taking a closer look at why adoption education is vitally important for hopeful adoptive parents.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: