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Birthparent Services


Monthly Virtual Birthparent Support Groups

Our BirthmomsConnect support calls are held via Zoom and available to anyone who has given birth to a child, anywhere, no matter their affiliation with On Your Feet Foundation or when they placed. The only requirements to participate are as follows:

1. You gave birth to and placed a child for adoption, and your placement is final.

2. You agree to be respectful at all times.

3. What is said in the group remains in the group.

To participate, please download the Zoom app. Registration is required to join the calls.

Please note: BirthmomsConnect Calls are open to anyone who has given birth to and placed a child for adoption. If you are an adoption professional, social worker, birthfather, or other individual who is interested in learning more about our virtual support groups, please contact Jennifer Adams. Do not register for the calls. This is a safe space and we ask you to be respectful of that.

If you are a birthparent of color, LGBTQIA+ individual, birthfather, or birth family member and are interested in a support call specifically for individuals who share your story and experience, please let us know by sending an email to Jennifer Adams.

On Your Feet Foundation is committed to fostering a community that celebrates the uniquely individual experiences that have brought each of us to adoption. We strive to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space in order to create a culture of safety and belonging for all of our stakeholders, one in which each voice is valued and heard.


Open to all birthparents who have given birth to a child, our moderated Zoom Support Calls are held on the second Thursday and (new for 2024) the fourth Tuesday of each month.

On Your Feet case management and retreat staff moderate each call and each month has a new theme. Discussion materials will be shared during the month to help enhance each week's call. Birthparents are welcome to join any and all calls no matter their affiliation with On Your Feet or where they live.

Second Thursdays :: 8PM CST | 9PM EST | 6PM PST

January 11th | February 8th | March 14th | April 11th | May 9th | June 13th | July 11th

August 8th | September 12th | October 10th | November 14th | December 12th

Fourth Tuesdays :: 1PM CST | 2PM EST | 11AM PST

January 23rd | February 27th | March 26th | April 23rd | May 28th | June 25th | July 23rd |

August 27th | September 24th | October 22nd | November 26th | No Tuesday Call on December 24th

Unmoderated/Drop-in Calls :: Thursdays* 8PM CST | 9PM EST | 6PM PST

The 1st, 3rd, 4th (and in months that have one, 5th) Thursday of each month are drop-in-calls, meaning that there is no specific topic being discussed and it is an opportunity for birthparents to connect and talk. Please remember to listen and be respectful of one another. This call may be moderated by an On Your Feet staff member and any concerns will be brought to the attention of Case Management staff.

*Please note, there will not be a drop-in call on January 25th, Halloween (October 31st) Thanksgiving (November 28th).

Navigating Closed/Reunion Adoptions Support Calls :: 3rd Wednesdays 7PM CST | 8PM EST | 5PM PST

Held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7PM CST and led by birthmom and retreat facilitator Robyn Whitlock, our "Navigating Closed/Reunion Adoptions" call is for birthparents who placed in closed adoptions (reunion is optional). 

January 17th | February 21st | March 20th | April 17th | May 15th | June 19th

July 17th | August 21st | September 18th | October 16th | November 20th | December 18th

We are adding in an additional Connect Call during the month of May for those who are navigating Closed/Reunion Placements. Please join us on Tuesday, May 7th at 7pm CST.

BirthmomsConnect Registration

Please note:

  • Download the Zoom app. In order to participate in the calls, you will need a Zoom account.
  • You only need to register once. The links remain the same for each call. If you have registered already, but are unable to find the Zoom link, please email Jennifer.
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