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Adoption is complex, emotional, life-altering. Everyone involved in adoption—birthparents, adoptive parents, adoptees, adoption professionals and beyond—deserves support when they need it. On Your Feet Foundation exists to provide that support. No matter your role in an adoption, we are your dedicated partner ready to guide you through. Learn more and find support.

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News & Notes

We all want to support our local businesses and favorite non-profits, and it's been tough to do that during the past 11 months. But we have a fun collaborative way that you can do both, and maybe score yourself a deal in the process! Please join us for this year's Local Love fundraiser! Donate gift cards to the local businesses that kept your pantry stocked or your spirits up in 2020, and let someone lift their own spirits by bidding on them. Come join us, and have a little fun, support your community, and help us in our mission to provide support and services to birthparents.

People in your everyday life may be struggling much more than you know. So what can you do to help?

On Your Feet Foundation has a lot happening in the first quarter of 2021, and we can't wait for the New Year to get started! Vision Board events, birthmother retreats, our BirthmomsConnect calls, our new Activism in Adoption speaker series: it's all here in one easy-to-access place so that you don't miss any of it.