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Adoption is complex, emotional, life-altering. Everyone involved in adoption—birthparents, adoptive parents, adoptees, adoption professionals and beyond—deserves support when they need it. On Your Feet Foundation exists to provide that support. No matter your role in an adoption, we are your dedicated partner ready to guide you through. Learn more and find support.

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News & Notes

COVID-19 restrictions have severely limited local businesses’ ability to generate revenue. On Your Feet,
a non-profit that supports birthmothers, recently canceled its annual fundraiser, which provides much needed operating support. On Your Feet is asking individuals to buy gift cards from local businesses and donate them to On Your Feet for an online auction. Your participation will support our local businesses and On Your Feet during this challenging time.

Meditation is powerful. If you’re still unsure whether or not the practice is worth trying, check out these top benefits of meditation and consider how they can help improve your life.

When bad things happen, how do we act individually, and how can we come together as a society? How can we be kind in times of darkness?