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Twenty years ago, our founders recognized the importance of post-placement care for birthparents. Today, On Your Feet Foundation is recognized as the leader in comprehensive post-placement support for birthparents, a demographic that has historically been under-served within the adoption community. We do this through case management, access to adoption-competent therapy, therapeutic retreats, education and counseling grants, adoption education and community-building. Learn more and find support.

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Today is Juneteenth, and while many celebrate this day with cookouts, cultural events, and family traditions, the holiday also serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggles for freedom, justice, and equality faced by Black Americans in the United States. Today, Torie Dimartile unpacks why it is critically important that everyone who works in adoption - including social workers, agency employees, and post-placement services - understand the historical injustices and present-day biases within the medical system that can significantly impact Black women’s reproductive choices and maternal health.

We were honored to host the authors of Adoption Unfiltered to the Chicagoland area in February, as part of their book tour. The recording of that panel session will be available on Activism in Adoption this month, and while we wait, we are sharing a conversation Sara Easterly, one of the authors, had with Torie DiMartile of Wreckage and Wonder, who has lent her expertise to Activism in Adoption for 2024.

This week, Torie sits down with Patrick Armstrong, our upcoming Activism in Adoption speaker, to unpack the Adoptee Consciousness Model, what is was like to travel back to Korea as a Korean adoptee, and the importance of getting out of our individual adoption silos and working together in order to improve outcomes for adoptees.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: