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Adoption is complex, emotional, life-altering. Everyone involved in adoption—birthparents, adoptive parents, adoptees, adoption professionals and beyond—deserves support when they need it. On Your Feet Foundation exists to provide that support. No matter your role in an adoption, we are your dedicated partner ready to guide you through. Learn more and find support.

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News & Notes

A frank and nuanced talk with Activism in Adoption Speaker Hope Baker, about birthmother misconceptions, what potential adoptive parents need to know on their adoption path, and how to change the way we think about the post-placement birthmother experience.

Did you see us on Teen Mom OG this week? If you found us through that show, please read this.

As part of our Birthmother's Day 2021 Event, From the Heart: Honoring Birthmothers, we are putting out a call for submissions to our birthmother community. We'd love to feature your writing in this project, and give you a chance to connect with other birthmothers through your words.