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Adoption is complex, emotional, life-altering. Everyone involved in adoption—birthparents, adoptive parents, adoptees, adoption professionals and beyond—deserves support when they need it. On Your Feet Foundation exists to provide that support. No matter your role in an adoption, we are your dedicated partner ready to guide you through. Learn more and find support.

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News & Notes

Before you totally ‘write off’ the idea, consider the benefits that come along with journaling a little every day. Check out these five ways that getting your thoughts down on paper (or on your laptop) can help cultivate a more philanthropic focus.

Introducing Liz Pryor, who will be speaking on the 4th and final night of our Activism in Adoption Speaker Series.

There is a quote, “You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself - in your thoughts. Be good to yourself.” During times of stress, like during this pandemic, it can be hard to be good to yourself, especially in your thoughts. In turn, these negative thoughts often create even more stress.