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Birthparent Support Alliance

Birthparent Support Alliance

Birthparent Support Alliance Badge
Birthparent Support Alliance Badge 2022

On Your Feet Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our Birthparent Support Alliance, a membership offered to adoption professionals committed to best practices in post-placement care. This cost-effective solution benefits agencies, their adoptive families and birthparents by providing access to our comprehensive suite of programs including case management services, adoption education for hopeful adoptive families and staff, as well as consulting services which can include access to birthparent speakers/panelists for events, website and material reviews for staff trainings. 

Due to the demand for our services and capacity constraints, beginning in January 2022, we will no longer be able to accept referrals from non-Alliance agencies. Birthparents whose agencies are not Alliance members will continue to be eligible for services; however, they will be placed on a waitlist which may extend 6 months or more.

As you are well-aware, the adoption landscape has changed considerably over the last 20 years. Today, prospective adoptive parents have a wealth of internet resources to help them do their pre-adoption research; birthparents have a greater platform with which to connect with other members of the adoption constellation and share their stories; and everyone connected to adoption can now see first-hand how providing excellent post-placement care for birthparents doesn't just help them heal, but also gives adoptive parents a stronger, healthier foundation upon which to build their families.

On Your Feet's Birthparent Support Alliance provides the opportunity to enhance your current post-placement care, or even outsource it completely, giving birthparents lifetime access to our comprehensive resources, community, and support, while freeing your agency's staff and resources in order to better fulfill your mission.

Membership Options to Fit Your Agency's Needs & Budget

The Birthparent Support Alliance is an annual membership program designed to provide support and services to post-placement birthparents. While we recognize that our members may describe their relationship to us in a variety of ways, as a fully independent non-profit, On Your Feet Foundation does not partner with adoption agencies, lawyers, consultants, or other adoption professionals.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: