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Activism in Adoption | Call for Speakers

Breaking Down Stereotypes & Stigmas in Adoption

Activism in Adoption, On Your Feet Foundation's Educational Platform, is putting out a call for speakers for 2024-25. We are looking for speakers who can connect their lived experiences to greater themes within adoption in ways that can provide our audience a new way of understanding the current adoption landscape, their role in it and how they can effect positive change and ethical practices in adoption. This year's theme is, "Dispelling Stereotypes and Stigmas in Adoption."

The mission of Activism in Adoption is to scaffold marginalized voices in adoption. Speakers should be individuals who have lived experience in adoption, specifically birthparents and adoptees. In rare circumstances, we will invite adoptive parents to join us as speakers or panelists.


On Your Feet Foundation is a small nonprofit organization with the majority of funding coming from small, individual donations. We pay our speakers a flat fee of $250. This fee covers the 90 minute session and any planning involved (typically not more than an hour). On Your Feet Foundation will promote the session, help the speaker develop slides, if requested (the slides are then given to our speakers for their own personal use in the future); we also interview every speaker and share the interview on our blog and across our social media platforms, tagging the speaker's social media, as well as sharing any publications, videos or websites. All sessions are recorded and included as Activism in Adoption's educational content.

Panelists are paid $50.

All sessions take place on Zoom. Sessions are 90 minutes long and are typically scheduled during the week around the lunch hour, though evening and weekend sessions are a possibility. The format is usually a 60 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Sessions are moderated by our Executive Director, Alexis Eyler.

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