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Ethics in Adoption Posts Index

Index of our Ethics in Adoption blog series

On Your Feet Foundation does not take a position on adoption. However, we do advocate for ethical adoption practices through Activism in Adoption. As long as adoption exists, we must work to ensure that every adoption is ethical and that every expectant parent and birthparent is treated with dignity and respect, which includes having full knowledge of their rights and options. Ethical adoptions help to ensure better outcomes for all members of the adoption constellation.

Ethics in Adoption: 10 Questions about Birthparents that Prospective Adoptive Parents Should Ask When Vetting Agencies

Given how critical post-placement birthparent support is for an open adoption to be successful, we have compiled a list of questions for prospective adoptive parents to ask when searching for an agency to work with. The answers to these questions can draw you a roadmap of the kinds of outcomes you might see in your own adoption, depending upon the level and duration of post-placement support your child’s birthparents receive.


Ethics in Adoption: Race-based Adoption Pricing

As part of our ongoing Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss the linking adoption pricing to race, and how this sets a up adoption as a marketplace.


Ethics in Adoption: Adoption Financing & The Adoption Tax Credit

Today we talk about the ethics of the Adoption Tax Credit as one of the ways adoptive families have been compensated financially for adoption, while at the same time, expectant parents are unable to access the resources that could enable them to parent their child.


Ethics in Adoption: Public Matching Announcements

As part of our ongoing Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss the difficult history of adoption matching, and examine how the modern practice of announcing adoption matches online and in other public spaces brings with it ethical concerns.


Advertising Children on Social Media: Ethical Concerns in Rehoming Adopted Children

Unregulated custody transfer, often referred to as 'rehoming', is the practice of adoptive parents transferring custody of a child to another individual or family without the involvement of the child welfare or other appropriate systems.  Kirsta Bowman joined us to speak at Activism in Adoption about the ethical issues surrounding re-homing adoptees, and the role social media plays in the re-homing process. We had the opportunity to interview her about how she began harnessing the power of social media to shine a light on this practice.


Ethics in Adoption: Social Media

As part of our ongoing Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss how recent comments left on our social media posts are problematic, and highlight the need for potential adoptive parents to understand that it is their responsibility to support ethical practices in adoption.


Ethics in Adoption: Housing Practices

As part of our Ethics in Adoption series, we discuss the practice of moving expectant mothers as an adoption practice, separating them from the support of their family and friends.

Ethics in Adoption: What is ICWA, and Why is it at Risk of Being Overturned? 

As we await the Supreme Court decision regarding ICWA, we offer a brief primer on what it is, and why it matters.


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