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Giving Tuesday as a Catalyst for Radical Generosity

Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to unleashing the power of radical generosity in us all, providing us with both an alternative to consumerism and a means of personal expression, as we stake our claim on the values and beliefs we hold through giving. And it’s a global movement; a day on which the whole world comes together in generosity and hope.  Making a donation on Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for us all to both connect with the organizations whose missions best align with the future we want to see in the world, and as a day in which we can share with others the organizations whose missions we value and support. When we give to what we believe in, and then share that donation information in our communities, we are expressing what is valuable to us with the world, and that is a powerful moment. 

Grassroots organizations like On Your Feet Foundation rely on Giving Tuesday to spread awareness about our mission, and this one-day event can have a tremendous impact on the work we are able to do. We are 100% donor-funded, by people who understand and value the need for birthparents to have access to the tools they need to heal and to thrive, and Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for everyone in the adoption constellation to help make that happen. 

Start early in making your giving plan for Giving Tuesday. This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 30th - the last day of National Adoption Awareness month! We would love to conclude this year’s NAAM by sharing our mission and strengthening our programs through the generous spirit of Giving Tuesday. Can you help make that happen for On Your Feet Foundation?

Here are 3 easy ways you can incorporate On Your Feet Foundation into your Giving Tuesday plan:

  • Share our Giving Tuesday Facebook Fundraiser with your community. 
  • Create your own social media fundraiser benefiting On Your Feet Foundation.
  • Do you have friends and family who are part of the adoption constellation? Encourage them to include On Your Feet in their Giving Tuesday plan as well, by sending them a link to this post, or connecting them with us on social media.

In 2020, the funds we raised on Giving Tuesday were put to work immediately, helping us to serve our community in record numbers, and in innovative ways. These funds ensured that we could continue to provide comprehensive services and support to birthparents, many of whom were connecting with us for the first time, and helped us continue to develop a robust adoption-focused speaker series designed to provide critical education that includes both adoptee and birthparent voices, perspectives that are currently absent in adoption education. 

In this season of gratitude, finishing National Adoption Awareness month by participating  in Giving Tuesday is a wonderful opportunity to act collectively, express what is valuable to you in the world, and ensure that vulnerable members of the adoption community will access the care and support they deserve. 

In gratitude,

The Staff of On Your Feet Foundation

Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: