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Birthparent Services

On Your Feet Retreats

Which Retreat is Right for Me?

Which Retreat is Right for Me?

Traditional Retreat

  • On Your Feet's Traditional retreats are held in-person and virtually twice annually (Spring/Fall) and are for any individual who has given birth to and placed a child for adoption, no matter the circumstances of their placement, when, or where the placement occurred.

Veteran Retreat

  • Our Veteran retreat takes a deeper dive into the adoption journey and are ideal for birthmoms who have attended On Your Feet retreats in the past and/or are further along processing their child's adoption. All applicants are required to answer additional questions and speak with Vick Twomey prior to approval. Our Veteran retreats will be held in 2024 and 2027.

Birth/Adoptive Parent Retreat

  • This retreat is for both birth and adoptive parents who wish to work on navigating an open adoption by enhancing communication and relationship skills. Our next Birth/Adoptive parent retreat will be held in 2025 and 2028.

Closed & Reunion Retreat

  • On Your Feet's Closed & Reunion Retreat is for birthmoms whose adoptions are either closed or are now in reunion. The next Closed & Reunion retreats will be held in 2026 and 2029.
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