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Birthparent Services




On Your Feet Foundation’s birthmom retreats started nearly 20 years ago and are among the longest running and most consistent anywhere in the country.

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Our retreats are run “for birthmoms by birthmoms;” meaning that every woman at the retreat, whether a facilitator or participant, is a birthmom. Our retreats are the one place where everyone understands each other because they have lived the same life-changing experience.
  2. We stay in one large house together bunk beds and all! By spending all of our time together (talking, eating, working, dancing, laughing and, yes, even crying) we leave feeling like one big family!
  3. We meet you where you are: angry, happy, hurt, relieved, in pain… and potentially all of those in the span of 5 minutes. We accept and acknowledge the hard emotions. They are real.
  4. We stay connected long after the retreat ends – ensuring that when you leave, not only do you have a community of other birthmoms to continue with you on your journey; but our retreat and case management staff will follow up to ensure that you have the support you need, including access to adoption-competent counseling, if needed.

When Are Retreats Held

  1. A small retreat in the early Spring capped at 10 attendees
  2. A larger retreat in the Fall capped at 15 attendees
  3. A special retreat with rotating topics (Closed/Reunion, Birth/Adoptive Mom, Veterans)

This May is our Veteran’s Retreat, ideal for birthmoms who have moved past new grief and are ready to start digging deeper. Attendees at our Veteran’s Retreat typically have attended On Your Feet Retreats in the past.


Our retreats have been described as, “The best kept secret in adoption!” by Ashley Mitchell, birthmom and founder of Knee to Knee birthmom support groups.


Our Facilitators

Our Lead Facilitators, Vicki Twomey and Sheena Kemp, have been involved with On Your Feet’s retreats from the very beginning, starting out as attendees themselves! Combined, they have more than 40 years experience in the field of adoption and as birthmoms making On Your Feet's retreats a very meaningful and unique experience for all who attend.

How Much Does It Cost

On Your Feet subsidizes the cost of each retreat, making them accessible to anyone who would like to attend. This enables us to maintain a low registration fee per participant: $100 for Traditional Retreats; $150 for Veteran's Retreats; $300/team for Birth & Adoptive Mom Retreats. This fee includes two nights lodging, meals during the retreat and all materials. This does not cover transportation to or from the retreat; however, need-based grants are available for transportation assistance and to cover the discounted cost of the retreat.  

2020 Retreat Dates

Spring Retreat:  April 3-5; Registration opens February 10

Veteran's Retreat:  May 15-17; Registration opens February 10

Fall Retreat:  September 25-27; Registration opens July 27

Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: