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Birthparent Services

Important Links

Supportive Resources for Birthparents

  • Birthmother Bridge Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping birth mothers of adopted children and honoring their loving decision to place their babies for adoption. They provide opportunities for birthmothers to network with other birthmothers through weekend retreats as well as offer counseling and mentoring.

  • BraveLove is a movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption and aims to increase (domestic infant) adoption. They share stories that convey the bravery of birthmoms and the love surrounding adoption. Bravelove writes, edits, researches, curates, and distributes media content and messaging on an ongoing basis. They build relationships with partner organizations – like adoption agencies, pregnancy centers, health clinics, adoption support groups, etc. Bravelove can be found at conferences and outreach events, but primarily, they are a media advocacy organization that’s trying to advocate that adoption is a loving option for those in unplanned pregnancies.

  • A post adoption program provides training for adoption professionals and resources for birthparents. Link will direct to support groups broken down state by state and other supportive resources for birthmothers.

  • Gives birthmothers a voice and support through retreats, educational grants, therapy, and various empowerment initiatives.



  • Sam’s Sister (children’s book)

    Bond, Juliette C.

  • Saying Goodbye to a Baby: The Birthparent's Guide to Loss & Grief in Adoption (Saying Goodbye to a Baby Vol. 1)

    Roles, Patricia


  • Pact is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve adopted children of color. In every case, the child is always our primary client. In order to best serve children's needs, we provide not only adoptive placement but lifelong education, support, and community for adoptees and their families on issues of adoption and race. Informational Resources for birthmothers including blogs, books, organizations, articles, etc.

Birthfamily Search and Reunion

Adoption-Competent Therapists

Please connect with OYFF Case Managers to find out about Adoption-Competent Therapists in your area.

Birthparent Support Groups

Please connect with OYFF Casemanagers to find out if there are any local support groups in your area. Or, try clicking on the following links:

Community/Emergency/Crisis Resources

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Please reach out to On Your Feet Case Managers to be linked to a variety of resources, including but not limited to:

  • Community Services (healthcare, Department of Human Services programs and how to apply, local public transportation info - including reduced fare cards, etc.)
  • Educational Resources
    • Financial Aid (scholarships just for birthparents, FAFSA information, etc)
    • Free/donated computers/laptops
    • High School Equivalency Programs
  • Housing Resources (Emergency and Non-Emergency) 
  • Job/Career Resources (resume building, interview/employment suitings, career search websites, etc.)
  • Local Food Pantries, Holiday Assistance, Budgeting Tools/Credit Counseling, Furniture Resources, Victim Compensation Programs
  • Legal Aid
  • Parenting Resources
  • Postpartum Mood Disorder Support/Resources
  • Substance Abuse Services 
  • Women’s Health Clinics/Resources
Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: