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Who is eligible for your services?

Case Management services are available to any birthparent whose placement is finalized. Due to capacity constraints, only agencies that are members of our Birthparent Support Alliance may refer birthparents to our services.

  • Counseling and education grants are available to birthparents who have been actively engaged with our services for 4+ months. 
  • On Your Feet Retreats are open to any birthmom, no matter her location. For more information on our retrests, please visit our Retreat page.
  • All birthparents are invited to join one of our private, closed facebook groups as well as our BirthmomsConnect support groups that are held via Zoom 4x/month.

We do not work with expectant parents, nor may our services ever be offered as an enticement for a birthparent to place their child for adoption.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of post-placement support: