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Who We Are

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Who We Are

Founded in 2001 by adoption professionals, adoptive parents and a birthparent, On Your Feet Foundation was the first organization dedicated to providing post-placement services to birthparents who have placed their child for adoption. Recognizing the lack of available support, On Your Feet’s founders focused on helping clients build a better life by giving them the tools they need through case management and coaching, monetary grants and through the creation of a community of birthparents. 

Nearly 20 years later, On Your Feet Foundation continues to be one of the only organizations dedicated to providing comprehensive case management services, grants for adoption-competent counseling, tuition, emergency rent assistance, as well as running birthmom-facilitated retreats for birthmoms residing in the US and beyond. 

On Your Feet Foundation's board of directors, staff, advisory and auxiliary boards include birthparents, adoptive parents (both domestic and international), adoptees and adoption professionals. Our clients have placed in open adoptions, closed adoptions, transracial adoptions, and with same-sex couples. They are parenting other children, are survivors of domestic violence, have had their parental rights terminated, have placed with family members, and are adoptees themselves.

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