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Birthparent Services


Monthly Virtual Birthmom Support Groups

Our BirthmomsConnect  Zoom Calls are held on the first Tuesday, second Thursday and third Saturday of each month.

On Your Feet case management and retreat staff moderate each call and each month will have a new theme. Discussion materials will be shared during the month to help enhance each week's call. Birthmoms are welcome to join any and all calls no matter their affiliation with On Your Feet or where they live.

To participate, please download the Zoom app. Registration is required to join the calls. Registering once will give you access to every call for that particular day (every first Tuesday call, for example).


First Tuesdays :: 2PM CST | 3PM EST | 12PM PST (click to register)

January 5th | February 2nd | March 2nd | April 6th | May 4th | June 1st

July 6th | August 3rd | September 7th | October 5th | November 2nd | December 7th

Second Thursdays :: 8PM CST | 9PM EST | 6PM PST (click to register)

January 14th | February 11th | March 11th | April 8th | May 13th | June 10th

July 8th | August 12th | September 9th | October 14th | November 11th | December 9th

Third Saturdays :: 10AM CST | 11AM EST | 8AM PST (click to register)

January 16th | February 20th | March 20th  | April 17th | May 15th | June 19th

July 17th | August 21st | September 18th | October 16th | December 20th

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