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Adoption Education

Adoption Education

Resilience: Hope Baker


Flipping the script on adoption education, Hope Baker, birthmother, author, and inspiring speaker, gives a riveting talk, leading us through her birthmother experience and ending with some of the guidelines she’s identified to find success and happiness. Moderated by Liz Pryor, also a birthmother, and the author of a best-selling birthmother memoir, Hope’s talk is an unprecedented opportunity for two birthmothers, each with very different stories to tell, to share their experiences in a nuanced and honest way, as well as their thoughts and opinions on how to find resilience within yourself, and how to heal. Both women field candid questions from the audience in a Q & A session with our speakers, which is a real game changer in adoption education.

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll notice that we have started seeking out birthmother narratives and linking to them, and part of the reason for that is that being a birthmother isn’t a uniform experience. Every woman’s path is different, and it’s important for everyone in the adoption triad to recognize that. Having the opportunity to hear both Liz and Hope share their stories made that point very clear to the audience, because their experiences are very, very different. There is no one ‘birthmother’ experience, unchanging over time, and generalize-able to everyone. And so we will leave you with one last bit of wisdom from Hope, a reminder to everyone in the adoption triad: “We need to allow our feelings to change.” How you feel about your adoption experience today isn’t how you felt a year ago, a day ago, or ten years from now. It’s an important thing to remember as we all work to become better adoption advocates.


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