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What We Do

On Your Feet Foundation offers assistance to birthparents, adoptive parents and adoption professionals following placement of a child for adoption.

On Your Feet is not an adoption agency, but rather a partner for birthparents and agencies that supports all their needs. The emotional, financial and educational resources you need for post-placement success can all be found through On Your Feet.

The primary resources offered by On Your Feet include:

  • A supportive community of birthparents.
  • Financial, educational and career coaching for birthparents.
  • Supportive retreats for birthparents and adoptive parents.
  • Discussion facilitation between birthparents, adoptive parents and agencies.
  • Referrals to qualified therapists.

We honor the choice of birthparents to place their child for adoption. We educate others about the challenges facing birthparents. We empower all of our clients by connecting them with resources, services and community. We will meet you wherever you are to reduce post-placement trauma and ensure you receive support.

“Before finding On Your Feet, I thought grief was linear and that I had reached a good place with it on my own. Yet, all my energy was going out and I wasn't receiving the things I needed to truly heal. The power of empathy at On Your Feet filled a piece of me that was missing and I so desperately needed. At the retreats, I acquired the tools to learn how to truly love myself and let go of the guilt and shame that caused me so much suffering. Now I am living the roller coaster of grief surrounded by the irreplaceable love and support of my birthmom sisters.” -Jessica

The Support You Need to Confidently Move Forward

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