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Activism in Adoption: Featuring Liz Pryor & Breakout Sessions

Sunday, November 1, 2020
Zoom virtual
Activism in Adoption: Featuring Liz Pryor & Breakout Sessions

Activism in Adoption is a new virtual series brought to life by On Your Feet Foundation. The series will be compelling for anyone interested in navigating family relationships, talking to loved ones about sensitive topics, building and harnessing resiliency, speaking with children about race, honoring all members of the adoption triad, and unpacking self-identity within the framework of adoption. This series will help adoptive parents learn to become an adoption activist, helping their child navigate their feelings and experiences as adoptees. For those interested, adoption education credits will be available and documented. This is a unique opportunity to learn from field experts and panelists with a breadth of experience to share. Open to all to attend. Tickets go on sale August 25th. Don’t miss this conversation and growth opportunity! All proceeds will benefit birthmothers through On Your Feet Foundation’s case management and retreats.

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