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Activism in Adoption

Activism in Adoption Speaker Series
October 11, 18, 25 and November 1 | 2PM CST

PRESENTED IN FOUR WEEKLY ZOOM SESSIONS On Your Feet Foundation is hosting a speaker series for all sides of the triad that will expand ​on key topics that are often covered in adoption education that is required by adoption agencies across the country. ​Each week will have a focused topic with a renowned speaker and the series will be facilitated by ​Pamela Cook​. ​Sessions will end with a 30 minute panel represented by members of the adoption triad where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. Guest speakers will be recorded to be used as a teaching tool and resource.​ ​Adoptive families will receive one hour and thirty minutes of Adoption Education Hours per session attended. Attendees will receive certificates to show attendance and a session outline can be provided to agencies.

On Your Feet Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and registration fees for this event will directly benefit the birthparents we serve. Thanks to our sponsors: Kirsh & Kirsh Adoptions and Adoption Center of Illinois. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact Allison Jones for more information.

Session 1: Resilience ​| OCTOBER 11, 2020
As we discuss the challenges of adoption, now what? Children, birth parents, and adoptive families are resilient. We take these challenges and overcome them on a daily basis. In this session ​Pamela Cook​ will discuss ways to be an activist for yourself or your child. Together, the audience will learn how to address and talk about these topics with your family, children, and community.

Session 2: Navigating Relationships | OCTOBER 18, 2020
In our second session, ​Cathy Crossno​ will acknowledge the complexities of relationships within the adoption triad, while highlighting ways to honor birthparents in closed adoption and finding positive ways to navigate open adoption relationships. The discussion will also include information for birthparents on how they can advocate for their wants and wishes and will give the audience the tools to help adopted children build a strong sense of self-identity.

Session 3: Race and Adoption |​ ​OCTOBER 25, 2020
This week ​Dr. Beverly Tatum​ guides us in a discussion to explore what it really means to be a parent of a transracial adoptee. Acknowledging that birthparents often have fears when placing their child in a family of a different race or culture, it is an important topic for the entire triad. With the help ​of our expert fa​cilitator we can proactively and authentically address some of these challenges and opportunities for deeper understanding around what it means for a transracial adoptee in this world.

Session 4: Breakout Groups: Becoming an Adoption Activist | NOVEMBER 1, 2020
To kick off National Adoption Awareness Month and conclude the series, week four will have three different groups that will dive deeper into each of the three discussed topics. Participants can choose a group where they feel they need more support and want to talk to others about how they are navigating the same challenges.

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