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Activism in Adoption

Activism in Adoption: Race, Relationships & Resilience

PRESENTED VIA ZOOM Throughout 2021, On Your Feet Foundation will be hosting a speaker series for all sides of the triad that continues to expand ​on key topics explored in our first 4 sessions in October 2020: Race, Resilience and Relationships in adoption. ​The series is being presented in 4 chapters with each chapter covering the three topics with renowned speakers.

Our first chapter launches with Hope Baker, Isaac Etter and Billy Kaplan. Chapter 2 follows with a screening of Found in Korea, and discussion with writer and producer, Nam Holtz, LMSW; an adaptation of our critical training program on supporting expectant mothers considering adoption. The series will take a pause for the summer and resume in the Fall with Vicki Twomey, Jess Figlio, Kevin Hofmann and Katy Finn. Sessions are 90 minutes long and feature a Q&A where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker and panelists. This series is relevant to all members of the triad, as well as adoption professionals, no matter where they are in their adoption journey. Families hoping to adopt are encouraged to attend this unique series and will receive one hour and thirty minutes of Adoption Education Hours per session attended. Attendees who request Adoption Education Credits will receive certificates to show attendance and a session outline can be provided to agencies.

On Your Feet Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and registration fees for this event will directly benefit the birthparents we serve. Please contact Allison Jones for more information. Thank you to our series sponsor, Friends in Adoption, for their support.


In Activism in Adoption, speakers and panelists will engage attendees in unpacking self-identity within the framework of adoption. International adoption, becoming a multi-racial family, combating bias and systemic racism, and honoring birthparent and adoptee perspectives in transracial adoptions will be cornerstones of this topic. 


While all adoptions have unique structures, they consistently involve navigating and understanding relationships. In Activism in Adoption, we go deeper into understanding trauma and how trauma-informed parenting can impact all sides of the adoption triad. By engaging all perspectives in this training, we are equipping ourselves with the tools to move forward. As a community, we will focus on strategies for communication, healing, and advocacy. 


We take challenges and overcome them on a daily basis. But, adoption presents opportunities for strength and struggle in a unique landscape. In this topic, our experts have both wisdom and life experience to share and inspire our audience. Attendees will be given opportunities to seek answers to their own questions about tools for building resilience in themselves or others.

​Panelists will discuss ways to be an activist for yourself and your child. Together, we will learn how to address and talk about sensitive topics with your family, children, and community.

About Our Speakers

Upcoming Speakers & Sessions:

Sunday, October 17th, 2PM CST: Vicki Twomey & Jessica Figlio

Beyond the Early Years: Growing with Our Adoptee Children

In the adoption community, we hear a lot about preparing for openness in the early years of the adoptees life. But what does the relationship look like when the adoptee becomes a teen or an adult? How do we prepare for a healthy open relationship through those years?

Join two seasoned birthmothers, Vicki Twomey and Jessica Figlio who have each experienced over 20 years of openness in adoption as they share their stories. Their met and unmet expectations, challenges faced, and growth experienced over the years. Learn what it means to grow with an adoptee child in an open adoption alongside their parents and build lasting, healthy relationships.


Wednesday, October 27th, 11AM CST: Katy Finn

Shifting the Adoption Narrative: The Role and Power of Adoptive Mothers

Through reflecting on the theater piece, Placing Home, which centers birth mother’s stories, Katy unpacks the powerful role adoptive mothers can play in shifting the pervasive adoption narrative. Katy will speak about her own journey in understanding why this matters and how prospective adoptive parents and adoptive parents can take clear actions towards shifting the power dynamic in the adoption triad. 


Wednesday, November 17th, 11AM CST: Kevin Hofmann

Lessons From The Life 

My white mother had an affair with a black co-worker in Detroit in the late 60's.  Soon after, I was adopted by a white family and from this unique beginning my purpose was born.  I was genetically engineered to create hope and positivity around our differences.  In this 90 minute presentation I share about the many lessons I have learned from Growing Up Black In White.


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