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Adoption Education

Activism in Adoption Education Recorded Sessions

Activism in Adoption's Education Series creates a safe place to address topics that are often overlooked in adoption despite their relevance and importance. The sessions are compelling for anyone interested in navigating family relationships, talking to loved ones about sensitive topics, building and harnessing resiliency, speaking with children about race, honoring all members of the adoption triad, and unpacking self-identity within the framework of adoption. This educational opportunity will help adoptive parents learn to become adoption activists, helping their child navigate their feelings and experiences as adoptees. For those interested, adoption education credits will be available and documented. This is a unique opportunity to learn from field experts and panelists with a breadth of experience to share and expand on key topics that are covered in required adoption education.

Each individual 1.5 hour session costs $30. If you are a prospective adoptive parent completing Adoption Education Credit Hours, a certificate of attendance is available for $10. Chapters (3 sessions) may be purchased for $75 and a discounted certificate is available for $25 for all 3 sessions (4.5 hours). Please answer the questions included on the form and submit them to us. Upon receipt, a member of our staff will review the answers and issue the certificate.

If you are a birthparent and are interested in listening to the session, please contact Allison Jones.

Once you have made your selection and completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a password to access the session. Upon receipt of the password, you will have 14 days to view the session. The page includes questions to be answered after the session has been viewed. Please complete the questionnaire and submit the form via our website in order to receive your Adoption Education Certificate.

No session may be shared without our express, written consent. If it comes to our attention that a session has been shared, the password will be immediately changed and access will be revoked. No refunds.


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RACE: Unpacking Self-Identity Within the Framework of Adoption

Transracial adoptee Isaac Etter is an activist and social entrepreneur, and the founder of Etter Consulting, whose mission is to provide trainings and services for adoption agencies that help prepare foster and adoptive parents for transracial adoption and fostering so that children are going into educated and inclusive homes. Joining Isaac as moderator is On Your Feet Associate Case Manager Shanyce Henley. Shanyce is birthmother to fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, who she placed in an interracial, open adoption ten years ago. As part of our Q & A we welcome Nam Holtz, LMSW, a transracial adoptee and award-winning documentary filmmaker, whose documentary, Found In Korea, documents her return to Korea in search of her birth family and her roots.  

RELATIONSHIPS: Communication, Healing, and Advocacy

House Calls Counseling’s President & Clinical Director Billy Kaplan, LCSW, discusses therapeutic parenting, through an attachment-focused, trauma-informed lens. Parents raising adopted kids know that this parenting approach, one that fosters feelings of safety and connectedness, is vitally important for traumatized children, and helping adoptive families is a big focus of Billy Kaplan’s work. Joining him is transracial adoptee Nam Holtz, LMSW, whose critically acclaimed documentary, Found in Korea, documents her return to Korea in search of her birth family and her roots.  

RESILIENCE: Building it in Ourselves, and Encouraging it in Others

Speaker, birthmother, and author of birthmother memoir, Finding Hope: A Birthmother’s Journey into the Light, Hope O Baker talks resilience and learning to thrive despite the circumstances life throws you, in conversation with moderator, advice columnist, and birthmother Liz Pryor, author of birthmother memoir Look at You Now: How Keeping a Teenage Secret Changed My Life.  

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